Community Outreach

IBI offers regular student performances  in schools, museums, libraries and other venues, giving our students as much performance experience as possible and  allowing us to spread a deeper understanding of this much misunderstood classical art form.

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In school Workshops and Performance Series

International Ballet Institute offers in school workshop series in NYC public and private schools.  The workshop consists of an introductory level ballet course, 2-4 days a weeks for 6 weeks, culminating in a performance for the school’s students and faculty.  IBI’s own students come to perform alongside the school’s children.  Giving IBI dancers more performance experience and giving the beginning dancers the chance to share the stage with more experienced dancers.

Workshop series are based around story ballets such as The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty, they are also inclusive of non narrative classical works.


Dance History Lecture and Performance Series

Each performance begins with a brief lecture and projected video of the most important dancers, dances, impresarios, composers, choreographers, and set designers of the romantic, classical, and neoclassical eras.  Then excerpts from works relevant to those times are performed.  Making for a complete educational performance.  This is done both in the format of a series, with each era explained and performed separately, and as an abridged version with all combined.


Art and Music History as Seen Through Dance

It is our belief that our students should be educated in all of the fine arts, thus informing their development as truly educated dancers.  With that in mind, these performances are centered around impressionist painters and their work.  The young dancers give a brief lecture about the life and times of artists Van Gogh, Monet, Degas etc., and then we have a repertoire of short pieces that are inspired by and reflective of a painting by each of those artists.  Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Monet's water Lilies, and several of Degas's romantic dancer paintings.   The same model is used to teach about the lives and works of great composers.


Shakespeare Under the Stars

Public performances in parks and green spaces throughout the summer of adapted William Shakespeare works with only the stars and fireflies as the backdrop.   An inspiring program for dancers and audience members of all ages!


After School Program: Onsite Training and Ballet Education

Our first priority is to seek out and nurture as much talent as possible.  To do so we offer daily after school ballet training taught by professional dancers and teachers in sponsored NYC public and charter schools.  This program allows more children the opportunity to study and train than would otherwise have had the chance.  Participating students are also granted opportunities to perform in IBI's regular student performances and professional productions.